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Why Us?
ACB Wildlife Control

Why should you trust and choose ACB Wildlife?

We have an awesome company and team that will help you with all of your wildlife control issues quickly and easily.


ACB provides professional service for wildlife management.  We’re knowledgeable on up-to-date trapping techniques and methods.

Predator Control

Fast developing industry for wildlife managers.  Have 35 years of experience controlling nest and large predators.  

Property Management

We specialize in working with property managers from small buildings to large industrial buildings and complexes.

Family and Locally Owned

We’re local and family-owned.  This means that we care and will ensure your wildlife control issues are dealt with in a professional manner.

Protecting Home, Health & Property

ACB specializes in protecting our clients homes, their health from animal-related diseases and their property from damages.


We have over 38 years of wildlife management experience.  Wildlife management was such a passion in our life that we turned it into our livelihood.


Our outstanding service!

We believe in a diverse range of talent and personality brings creative skills and ideas to the web.


Highly destructive and carrier of many dangerous diseases like raccoon roundworm and many nasty parasites.


Major cause of electrical issues and roof and soffit damage.


Cause of millions of dollars worth of damage to ag-fields and industrial, commercial and private properties.

Predator Control

Highly specialized skill set that takes an experienced team to handle.


Highly destructive to yards and lawns.  Can destroy a lawn overnight.


Fast growing infestation in the MIdSouth area.  Disease carriers causing major health risks.


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